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LambdaDays 2017

Almost a month ago I’ve attended an awesome FP conference – LambdaDays – that took place in Cracow, Poland. Suffice to say, event organized by Erlang Solutions was brilliant! Talks Some of the talks I’ve seen were fresh new, some I’ve seen previously – regardless most of them had high quality content, being both entertaining […]

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Scalar 2016

This year I’ve attended yet one more time one of the biggest Scala conference in central Europe – I am talking of course about Scalar. My “Scalar adventure” started a day before the conference, during the official speakers dinner. Given the fact that I was taking part in Apache Spark workshop day before in Tricity, […]

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Chamberconf 2016

This year we held second edition of Chamberconf – an event that I call an anti-conference: mixture of talks, unconference, alcohol and rock&roll. The venue is always unique (a castle, palace or any other chamber), audience is small (80 people) but spirits and content are always high! I’ve wrote few weeks ago about my love/hate […]

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